Tree Removal

Cutting down and removing trees no matter what height, either by climbing, travel towers or cranes if needed. We ensure we get the job done without causing any damage to your garden or home and the surrounding area and we make sure the area is left clean.
There are some reasons that a tree may need to be removed rather than just pruning:

  • The tree may be dead or dying
  • There may be cracks in the bark
  • The tree may be in an area that you no longer require it
  • No matter what size the tree is we will use our equipment to make sure it is removed safely, effectively and efficiently.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is often the most popular way of maintenance for your trees, We can give you information on what is the best way to go, there are many reasons to prune a tree - Cutting back branches from wires, fence lines, houses etc. is all part of the job. All our pruning is performed to Australian Standards 4373:2007. These are the most common types of pruning:

  • Increase the view
  • Removing dead wood
  • Reduces the wind
  • Clearance for electricity wires
  • Safety

Wood Chipping

Mulching of branches from the properties using a mulching machine. The mulch can then be used in your garden

We offer the service of cutting your tree up into firewood if you require. We also offer firewood for sale, contact us for details.

Stump Grinding

We have the equipment that allows carrying out Stump Removal. Stump removal is an option where ever access is possible; often if a stump is left it may rot. If there is no access the stumps can be poisoned or dug out
In some cases if a stump is left in the ground the following can occur:

  • It could develop fungi on it and spread to nearby trees
  • It can attract insects

Tree Milling

Tree Milling maximises the use of wood and timber after the tree has been removed. We recycle suitable logs and mill them into slabs for outdoor and indoor furniture, bar tops etc and for people to purchase slabs for their own use
Storm Damage
We will come out in an emergency, whether it is from a storm or if you have found that a branch is hanging dangerously and we will assess the situation and carry out the work as soon as we ensure the area is safe.


About Us

Tom the Lumberjack was started in 1981 by my father Tom Jones, hence the name Tom the Lumberjack. I have been working for this company since then and have owned the business since 1990. It is a small family business having my son and nephew both working for me. Our business operates mainly in the south east but we travel all over Victoria.

Our work is very professional having been in the business for over 30 years. We have a cliental list that keeps coming back to us, as well as new clients regularly.

Tree cutting, Pruning, Mulching and removing stumps are our main business but we also have fire wood, mulch and wood slabs for sale. All of our equipment is maintained regularly. We have full public liability insurance and Safety plans and documentations.

Contact Us

  • Harry Jones
  • +61 0418 560 933
  • +61 03 9701 8385 (FAX)